How Tall Should A Chicken Run Be? (Explained!)

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Raising chickens can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be a challenging and daunting task. Ensuring the health and safety of your chickens requires careful consideration and planning. If you’re raising backyard chickens, you’ve probably asked yourself, ‘How tall should a chicken run be?’

A chicken run should be tall enough for you to stand in because you will probably be going in there to clean or check on your flock. If you don’t plan on going into the chicken run, then you should at least make it a foot taller than your rooster. 

When it comes to raising chickens, building a chicken run is one of the most important elements that should not be overlooked. A chicken run provides chickens with a safe place to roam and explore, while also protecting them from other animals.

Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider when building a chicken run including how tall and big it should be.

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How Tall Should A Chicken Run Be?

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As a chicken owner, I constantly go into the chicken run to check if everything is okay. That’s why I recommend having at least a 6 ft tall chicken run that will allow you to walk around comfortably without slouching.

Building a chicken run can be an enjoyable project for any chicken enthusiast, as it allows you to customize your own space for your flock. With careful planning and preparation, anyone can build a safe and secure home for their feathered friends.

But before we go any further, let’s examine what exactly a chicken run is!

What Is A Chicken Run?

A chicken run is a secure enclosure where chickens can roam freely and safely. It is essentially an extension of the chicken coop with the difference being that it’s a more natural environment. The size of the run depends on the number of chickens, but it should be large enough to allow them to move around and explore.

So what is the purpose of a chicken run? Well, a chicken run provides your chickens with space to move around, protection from other animals, and access to fresh air and sunlight. These are all important factors in raising healthy and happy chickens.

It would be unfair to lock up your chickens in a chicken coop all day because by nature, chickens are born explorers. They need to walk around and forage in their habitat. A chicken coop is too restricting for chickens. On the other hand, chicken runs provide chickens with space to exercise, scratch, and dust bathe in the sun.

What Is The Difference Between A Chicken Run And Chicken Coop?

While both structures are important for keeping chickens safe, happy and healthy, they serve different purposes. A chicken run is an enclosed outdoor area that allows your chickens to roam freely while a chicken coop is an enclosed indoor space where your chickens sleep and lay eggs.

Having both a Chicken Run and Chicken Coop is essential for the health and safety of your chickens. A Chicken Run provides your chickens with a safe, secure space to roam freely, while a Chicken Coop provides them with protection from predators, weather elements, and other hazards.

By having both a run and coop, you can ensure that your chickens have access to the best of both worlds: plenty of fresh air and exercise in the run, as well as a safe place to rest in the coop. Furthermore, providing your chickens with these two areas will help keep them healthy and happy throughout their lifetime.

How Long Should A Chicken Run Be?

How long should a chicken run be is very similar to another popular question which is: How big should a chicken run be. The answer to these questions is that a chicken run should be large enough for all your chickens to freely and comfortably move around.

Ideally, each chicken should get 10 square feet. But if you have more space then you can double this.

Chickens are social animals that love to roam and explore their environment. They require enough space to move around and scratch the ground in order to stay healthy and happy. A chicken’s living space should be large enough for them to move freely, as well as provide places for them to hide from predators or take shelter from bad weather.

If chickens don’t have enough space, they can become stressed, which can lead to health problems such as feather loss or decreased egg production. It’s important that chickens have enough room to roam around so they can enjoy a good quality of life.

So how big a chicken run should largely depends on the number of chickens you have. It goes without saying that 10 chickens would require less space than let’s say 100 chickens.

If you’re rearing chickens in your backyard, you may only have 6 chickens. In that case, you wouldn’t need much space. If one chicken gets 10 square feet, then 6 chickens would need 60 square feet.

If you have enough space, I would recommend doubling this to make your chickens happier.

The same logic goes for 4 chickens. Each chicken needs approximately 10 square feet; therefore, you would need 40 square feet for this number of chickens.

However, there’s no harm in doubling it if you have the space in your backyard.

How Tall Should A Chicken Run Fence Be?

When considering how tall a chicken run fence should be, you have to remember that there are other animals who would love to get to your flock. Ideally, a chicken run fence should be tall enough to prevent other animals from jumping over and buried well into the ground to prevent them from digging to get into the chicken run.

Animals like foxes have been known to come for chicken and if they’re hungry enough, they will scale the fence to get to them.

Additionally, you want your chicken run fence to be tall enough so the chickens can’t fly over them. Chickens love to roam and they may go over the fence to forage. However, that’s where this next question comes in: Does a chicken run need a roof?

Yes, a chicken run should have a roof. That’s because you don’t want your chickens flying out of the run or hawks getting to them. 

A roof on your chicken run will provide protection from rain, snow, and other weather conditions, as well as providing shade during hot summer days. Not only that, but it will also help keep other animals out of the coop and give your chickens a sense of security.

So if you’re looking to keep your chickens safe and sound, make sure to consider adding a roof to their chicken run!


That concludes this article on how tall should a chicken run be. Remember, it is more than likely that you will be going into the chicken run so make sure that it’s tall enough for you to stand in because your back will thank you for it!

Also, consider the fact that chickens can fly over the fence so it needs to be tall enough to prevent them from escaping.


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