Will A Blue Tarp Kill Grass? (Solved!)

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Have you ever looked at something and thought of a creative way to use it? I recently did that when I saw some blue tarps and wondered if they can be used to kill unwanted grass in my backyard. This got me thinking about the potential applications of tarps and how they could be used in a variety of ways, from killing weeds to protecting plants from frost. So with that in mind, I did a little research to answer the question: Will a blue tarp kill grass?

Yes, a blue tarp will kill grass but only if it is tightly pegged to the ground. The tarp blocks out sunlight and prevents photosynthesis from taking place in the grass beneath it. As a result, the grass will slowly die off over time.

Using blue tarps is an unconventional way to control the growth of unwanted grass.

However, it is a viable option that can be used to kill the grass without any harsh chemicals or labor-intensive methods. In this article, I will discuss how blue tarps can be used to kill unwanted grass in your backyard and what precautions should be taken when doing so.

Let’s dive right in!

Will A Blue Tarp Kill Grass?

will a blue tarp kill grass

A blue tarp will kill the grass underneath it if it is tightly pegged to the ground to allow no air or water. Although this is a great method to get rid of unwanted grass and weeds, you should know that the soil will be left dry with no life afterward.

If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive way to kill grass, you may want to consider using a blue tarp. This method has been around for some time and is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and affordability.

The blue tarp method of killing grass works by blocking out the sunlight that the grass needs to survive. By covering the area with a blue tarp, you are essentially creating a mini-greenhouse effect where the temperature rises and prevents photosynthesis from occurring. This results in the death of any existing grass in the area.

Using a blue tarp to kill grass is an easy way to get rid of unwanted vegetation without having to resort to more expensive or labor-intensive methods such as herbicides or manual removal. It can also be used on large areas quickly and easily, making it an ideal solution for those who want fast results without breaking the bank.

Will A Tarp Kill Grass?

Yes, a tarp will kill grass.

The use of tarps to kill grass is a popular method for controlling weeds and unwanted vegetation. Tarps are used to block out sunlight, which prevents the grass from receiving the necessary nutrients for growth. This method is especially effective in areas where chemical control products cannot be used.

There are different types of tarps that can be used to kill grass and weeds which we will look at in the next section.

Types Of Tarps?

We’ve already established that a blue tarp will kill grass and weeds but if you don’t happen to have one, these other tarps will work just as well.

Black Tarps

Honestly speaking, black tarps work better than blue tarps when it comes to killing both weeds and grass.

Using a black tarp is an effective way to control weeds and grass in your garden or yard. By trapping heat and light, the tarp can cook the soil and kill any unwanted plants. This method of weed control is both cost-effective and eco-friendly, making it an attractive option for gardeners looking for a natural way to keep their lawns weed-free.

Clear Tarp

A clear tarp can also be used to kill both weeds and grass through the process of Solarization. You can also use silver tarps, red tarps, or brown tarps for this process.

Grass will survive under a tarp for between 4-6 weeks before it dies off completely. 

One of the biggest advantages of killing grass or weeds with a tarp is that there are no chemicals involved in the process. Through the process of polarization, you can use the sun’s heat to naturally get rid of unwanted grass and weeds.

However, one of the downsides of using a tarp is that it takes longer to work than if you used a chemical like glyphosate. If you’re impatient, waiting 4-6 weeks can seem like forever!

How To Kill Grass With A Blue Tarp

The first step is to prepare the area. This involves mowing the area so that the grass and weeds are kept very low to the ground.

The next step is to cover the area with a tarp. You need to peg the tarp tightly to the ground so as not to allow any air or moisture in. In addition, you can put heavy objects on top of the tarp so it’s held more tightly to the ground.

The final step involves patiently waiting 4-6 weeks for the tarp to completely eliminate the grass. Once this is done, you can rake up the remnants, and voila! You have a grass-free area to do with as you please.

As you can see, this method is very easy and cost-effective as opposed to spending money on labor and grass-removing chemicals.

Will Blue Tarp Kill Weeds?

Similar to grass, a blue tarp will kill weeds. It works by preventing sunlight from reaching the weed, which in turn starves it of the energy it needs to survive.

By covering an area with a blue tarp, you can quickly and effectively reduce or eliminate weeds without resorting to potentially hazardous chemicals. This method is safer for the environment and more cost effective than traditional chemical herbicides.

What Are Other Ways To Kill Grass?

Other than using a blue tarp, here are other effective methods to kill unwanted grass;

1. Shoveling

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and putting in some hard labor, you can manually remove the grass by digging it up. This method is more time-consuming than using a chemical solution or machine, but it is also more cost-effective and will not harm the environment.

With some patience and determination, you can easily get rid of your unwanted grass without damaging the soil or harming any surrounding vegetation.

2. Using Vinegar

Vinegar is another natural way to get rid of grass on your lawn or yard. The process is simple. Spray the vinegar on the patch of unwanted grass and wait for it to do its magic. You may need to constantly spray the vinegar until all the grass is finally gone.

3. Pour Boiling Water

This has got to be the least expensive method of getting rid of grass and weeds. The only downside is that it is very tedious and time-consuming. Imagine how many times you would have to heat and pour boiling water on a patch of grass until it finally gives out!

This method could be effective if you don’t have a large patch of grass and weeds to get rid of.

4. Salt

Similar to vinegar, salt is also an effective killer of grass and weeds. Mix the salt with water and spray it over the grass that you want to get rid of. The downside to this is that it can get expensive if the area is large.

Of all the methods listed above, I still prefer Solarization which is using a blue tarp to kill grass. This method is far better than the rest because you only need to set the tarp and forget for at least 4-6 weeks. The other methods involve constant visits to the area to see if it’s actually working.

Regardless of which method you use, keep in mind that after you kill the grass, you should not expect it to grow ever again.


That concludes this article on will a blue tarp kill grass.

Tarps are an essential tool for farmers and agricultural workers. They provide protection from the elements, reduce soil erosion, and help to retain moisture in the soil.

Tarps are also used to cover crops, protect them from pests, and provide shade during hot summer months. They can be used to create a temporary shelter for animals or as a windbreak in areas with strong winds.

In addition to all these uses, tarps can be used to kill both grass and weeds. So if you have a piece of land with unwanted grass and weeds, and you don’t want to use any harsh chemicals, you can use a blue tarp instead.


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